Vessel repair


MARINE VESSEL REPAIR: From 75 tons to 3.800 tons

With its geographical position in the middle of South Pacific, the Port of Papeete develops repair and maintenance works for factory ships performing their activities in the region. The Port Authority of Papeete provides utilisation of the slipway in Fare Ute. This infrastructure was put into service in 1951 and was the subject of numerous works. The ship cradle, built by the CRANDALL DRY DOCK (USA) company has been repaired and modified several times.

In 2010, the Port Authority of Papeete started the slipway modernization project to restore the slipway’s lifting 800 ton capacity for 10 years; and this, until the construction of a new infrastructure with a higher lifting capacity. For maintenance and repair needs of bigger vessels over 800 tons, the floating dry-dock of the French Navy provide services up to 3.800 tons. A replacement project of this dock is currently under review, because it is close to its maximum life span.

Equipment and infrastructures

The slipway includes a principal ship cradle with a 450 tons lifting capacity (800 t after works for bringing up to standard) and 2 ship cradles of transfer of 450 and 200 ton capacity. For smaller vessels, this installation is completed by private shipyards which have lifting equipment of 15 and 300 tons of capacity.

The floating dock: occupied at 80% in 2014

The dock of the French Navy located in the marine repair zone of the Port of Papeete (Fare Ute) was built in 1975 in French Polynesia. It is capable to receive vessels up to 3.800 tons, 150 metres long and 17,5 metres wide and with a 5,8 m maximum draught. It has 30 sailing ballasts. It receives about 30 vessels each year. It is occupied at 60% by civil vessels – via an agreement signed between the French Navy and the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie of French Polynesia.

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